Wednesday, February 1, 2012

White-Rumped Shama Thrush

The photos above are of male White-Rumped Shama Thrush.   They are quite beautiful and have a wonderful rich song.   They were first introduced from Malaysia to the Island of Kauai in 1931 and on Oahu in 1940.  It is rather a large bird....9 to 11 inches.   

The above photo is a female Shama Thrush that has bitten off more than she can chew.... a creepy centipede.   Notice that the female is duller in color than the male and has a bit smaller tail.   Below are a couple of my photos of baby Shamas.

As of this date, I have only painted one Shama Thrush.   Below is the reference photo and the painting.

Shama Thrush
12" x 12" Acrylic on panel

One of the reference photos for the acrylic painting above.

All of the shown photographs were taken at two different botanical gardens on Oahu, but occasionally I have seen Shama Thrush elsewhere on the island.  They are not backyard birds and tend to stay primarily in forests.   One time I saw a handsome male Shama at a well landscaped restaurant in the suburbs of Honolulu.   
These photos were taken when my camera was fairly new and I was just learning how to use it.  But the photos are at least clear enough to give you a good idea of the coloring, etc., of this much loved bird. 

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